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          Jul 21, 2022

          Hamilton hospitals facing continued healthcare worker shortages, service delays

          HAMILTON, ON – Service impacts and increasingly high wait times are likely to be an ongoing reality for Hamilton’s hospitals as record-high healthcare worker and physician shortages persist across Ontario and Canada, and as the predicted 7th...

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          Jul 19, 2022

          Monthly feature: Adriaan Korstanje and Dr. Mark Crowther 2021 Mission Legacy Award winners

          Late November we celebrated the 2021 Mission Legacy Award ceremony at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. The Mission Legacy Award recognizes key individuals and departments / teams who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to contribute to the legacy...
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          Jul 13, 2022

          West 5th COVID-19 Testing and Assessment Centre Re-opens July 13

          St. Joe’s Mountain Testing and Assessment Centre is relocating from its current location at 1565 Upper James St. to St. Joe’s West 5th Campus, Medical Outpatient Clinic (level 0) on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

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          Jul 11, 2022

          Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award

          St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton has been recognized with Canada's Most Admired Corporate Culture Award by Waterstone Human Capital, honouring St. Joe's commitment to compassionate care and innovation.

          "Each and every member of the St. Joe's community contribute to our organization's culture," said Melissa Farrell, President of St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. "We lift one another through challenges, and together we celebrate our shared successes."..

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          Jul 8, 2022

          Service Interruption: Rogers Communications nationwide service outage (updated)

          All St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton sites and services are online.

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